Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Smartphones have changed the way mobile marketing works. Typical smartphone users will use their device to tweet, change their social networking updates and of course read and handle email. With all of the things that one can do with a smartphone, it makes sense to consider that you are vying for valuable attention of your target. In fact, your primary goal is to get your target audience’s undivided attention. But how do you do that?

There are three things your target audience will see when it comes to your mobile message:

·         The Pre-header: Your reader will see the sender (you), the subject line (should be attention-grabbing) and the pre-header which is the first few lines of your email. If your subject doesn't make your reader want to open your message, your pre-header better do the trick or your message will be deleted without being opened.
·         Make it easy: If you are using images in your message, make sure they load properly and that your overall message is easy to navigate. Find a design that you like and experiment with it before turning it loose to your audience.
·         Remember your audience is on the go: Mobile marketing and mobile emailing – mobile being the keyword here. You have to remember that your audience is on the go and they don’t have time to read a book when they’re in a hurry.

Make the most of your mobile emailing efforts and follow these tips – you’re sure to see success.