Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Social Media Tools To Use

Whether you’re using social media to grow your business, look for a job or keep up with friends, there are certain tools that can be better to use than others. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to social media, but too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. Rather than jumping from tool to tool, it’s better to find a handful of ones that are working well and stick with them. In order to help you decide which tools are right for you, we’ve outlined a few favorites below.  Please keep in mind, these are tools you should be using above and beyond Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
Hootsuite is a definite must, if for no other reason than it combines your favorite social media tools in one place. This dashboard allows you to stay in front of your followers on all of your social media outlets at the same time. You have complete control over what messages you send out as well as customizable reports for you to see how well your social media efforts are working.
Bufferapp is another great tool that allows you to schedule your Twitter tweets to be delivered when you want them to be and in any order you choose. If you want to use Twitter but don’t want to be stuck to your phone or computer all day, this is a great social media tool to use.
Dlvr.it is a great tool to help spread all of your content across the Internet. This is a matter of simply linking your RSS feed to Dlvr.it and then your content is spread out across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and more. This handy little tool also provides statistical reports for you to see how others are responding to your content.
Finally, the best, most effective social media tool is…YOU. That’s right! All of these tools are great and can be effective, but unless you are using them and engaging your followers and practicing the basic fundamentals of social media, none of the tools we just mentioned will do you any good. 

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