Monday, March 12, 2012

How Video Marketing Works

How Video Marketing Works
In order to be a successful video marketer you need to know the basic principles of video marketing, and how it works.
They can be summarized in three important steps:
1.  Make a Video:
Before you can distribute a video, you need to have one.  Don’t worry, this really is not that hard to accomplish!  This website will show you how to make a video using software you already have.  You can even make a video without  a video camera or even a microphone.
2.  Submit Your Video to Multiple Video Websites:
You can make a video for YouTube or any number of other video sharing sites. This site will show you the best places to submit your videos for maximum exposure.  We will also cover how to optimize your video submissions, and automate this process if you wish.
3.  Receive Backlinks and Traffic as Your Video is Distributed Around the Net:
This last step is automatic.  Once you have your videos distributed, just sit back and reap the benefits.
To learn more about how to make a video and how video marketing works, be sure to check out each category of this site for valuable information and tools to maximize your efforts
Before you start cranking out videos, you need to consider what goes into a great video.
The main goal of this video series is to make sure that people find your video to be “worth watching”. Our second goal is to ensure that after they view the video, they will want to learn more about the topic and will click the link to your website (and hopefully buy something!)
In this video you will learn that not all videos need to be “spectacular” to be effective. The videos that you want to go viral you will need to spend more time on. The videos that you are using purely for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes don’t have to be award winning.

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