Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just How Influential Are You, Anyway?

Perhaps for those who use Facebook and Twitter only to keep in touch with friends and family, measuring online influence may not be a huge consideration.  For companies that use social media and for the growing ranks of job seekers who have incorporated online networking into their job search strategies, however, knowing the size of their engaged audience (the number of friends and followers who actively listen and react to their messages) and the likelihood that their messages will generate actions such as comments, “likes” and retweets can be highly valuable information.  Imagine how useful it would be to know, for example, just how many people actually saw that tweet you sent to your 100 Twitter followers about your job search. and are both influence measurement tools that track your own activities and the activities and profiles of your friends, followers and connections across, among other things, Twitter and Facebook accounts and blog feeds, and then carry out calculations to provide you with an influence score.  In the case of PeerIndex, the tool also takes into account the subjects that you talk about most often and includes graphical representations of its findings.         

Both Klout and PeerIndex are free to join, so why not find out just how much online influence you really have and, better still, make your online presence more productive?

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