Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make sure your employees know your company

If you’re a manager, there’s one thing you’ll want to be sure that your employees are armed with—and that’s knowledge about the company and the products or services you sell. A fatal flaw for many companies and managers is that they assume that employees already have this knowledge, but the truth is that lots of times they don’t. So take it upon yourself to meet individually and go over some of the basics with those you feel it is necessary for—new employees, underachieving workers, etc. Make sure you do this tactfully. There is a natural way to deliver this information through conversation without making people feel they are being singled out in some way. Make sure that employees understand the overall goals of the company and what they do fits in the big picture. Sometimes employees just don’t get this for one reason or another, and it’s your job to make sure that they know what they need to do—a good job for you and the company.

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