Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

You know that video marketing is an important part of your content marketing plan, but maybe you aren’t sure just how it can help grow your business. Here are just a few unexpected ways:

·         YouTube SEO: You know that SEO marketing is important to getting your website ranked in the search engines. The same idea works for YouTube. What many don’t realize is that YouTube is the number two search engine. Use the right keywords when listing your video to increase your video ranking.
·         Referring traffic. Remember that visitors to your site don’t just appear from thin air, they have to be referred from somewhere – why not YouTube? YouTube is a great brand builder and a perfect tool to drive traffic to your website.
·         It’s inexpensive. Video marketing as far as marketing goes is an inexpensive tool. Yes, you have the initial expense of obtaining a camera you can use, but even that doesn’t have to be much. A simple flip camera is more than sufficient. Video is a great way to attract an audience without spending a fortune.

Putting together a video marketing campaign isn’t difficult. Your YouTube account is free and you are already an expert in your field, now you just have to get in front of the camera and let your knowledge and passion shine through!

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