Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mobile Websites are Still Rare among Small Businesses

Small businesses do believe that mobile marketing will be a serious factor and will see a steady rise in popularity over the next five years – yet only a few are adopting the idea of mobile websites now.

According to recent studies, most small business owners (69%) agree that they will need to make a significant investment in mobilizing their website within the next five years, only 26% has taken the plunge now.

Big mistake.

Now is the time to establish yourself in the mobile market place and tweak your campaign as technology continues to evolve.

Traditional marketing methods are going by way of the do-do, as smartphones are now replacing the yellow pages as the number one search method. While you may have gotten away with having a delay in adopting a website for your business until the last minute, waiting until mobile marketing is at its peak is just asking to be trampled by your competition. 

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