Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Connecting With Video

Think for a moment about all the websites that you visit when you’re on the web. Do the majority of them have some sort of video incorporated into their website? I bet they do! There are constantly new ways to incorporate video into your website. If you’re not using video yet in some way, maybe it’s time to jump on the bandwagon because it is surely not going away.
One of the easiest ways that you can produce content on the web is to conduct an interview. Now who you conduct the interview with is entirely up to you, maybe it’s your favorite blogger, an expert you know personally within an industry, or maybe you can even get a best-selling author to do an interview with you for your website. To me the best way to conduct these interviews is through video, possibly using Skype or some other video type of platform. The benefit of doing a video interview is it takes less time and you can have a casual conversation with other individuals and pump out some really great content for your website viewers, versus the text format interviews which can take a long time if there are tons of questions. Plus with video you really get a sense of the personality and passion the person you’re interviewing has which helps to create a real connection with your viewers.

Why not spice up your testimonials by having those who provide them to you do a video instead of submitting text? Again, it creates more of a connection for the viewers since they can actually see the person and see how much they have benefited from using the product or service you’re offering. One company that is really doing this well is bigcommerce.com. They have a handful of testimonials submitted by satisfied customers of their product and I found them to be really interesting to watch. They were short and to the point of why the product works for them. So if you have some customers who are not shy about video why not go this route?
Video tutorials
Now this is somewhat similar to the how-to videos, but video tutorials are more for explaining and demonstrating the product that you are offering. Video tutorials are a huge asset to have in the help center for your customers. Speaking from experience as being a customer, I always try to solve the problem myself and if I run into a problem or have a question the first thing I do is go to the company’s website in search of the help center. Within that help center the one thing that I hope to find the most is a video tutorial series showing me how to effectively use the product. In the end it saves me the hassle of having to call you for help or e-mail you and it saves you, the product provider, the time of having to help me solve the problem; plus answer the same question or problem for others. 

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