Thursday, February 16, 2012

Social Media - How to Market With Facebook

There’s few people that haven’t heard of Facebook, but with a billion users you need to learn how to market with Facebook. There are so many ways you can use Facebook to market your products or services, yet few people are aware of all these opportunities.

Every business owner, freelancer, and marketer needs to learn about the importance of having a Facebook fan page. It’s a quick and easy way to first make Facebook users aware of what your product(s) and/or service(s), then draw them in and keep them coming back.

Keeping them coming back to your page does not have to involve a bunch of hype. You’ll do far better by providing your “Likes” with information they can use. Tips that can help people, policies, sales that you might be running, and just general conversation. You can work in loyal customer promotions, offer coupons, contests, weekly giveaways, and the list goes on. Facebook users won’t forget about contests and free stuff. They’ll keep coming back to see what’s going on.

Engaging and interacting with the people that Facebook users that like your page is the best way to move those same people into paying customers, and paying customers that join your page can help give your business a boost when they confirm what a great business you have. Remember your goal is to attract Facebook users to your page and keep them there, and not just for the short term. Customer service begins long before you turn a visitor into a customer.

Facebook isn’t new but the full potential of the marketing tool that is right there at your fingertips isn’t understood by many. Why not be one of the first to really reap the benefits of this opportunity. It will put you miles ahead of the competition. You’ll be growing your business to new levels in no time.

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