Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take control of stress in the workplace

If your work is so pleasant that you spend all weekend looking forward to Monday morning, you probably don’t have to read this. But if your job is a source of stress and tension—as it is for many people at least some of the time—you need to get control of the frustration before it turns you into a wreck. Here’s some advice for keeping stress at bay:

• Identify the cause(s). Pay attention to what makes you nervous or angry at work. Try keeping a log of your emotions throughout the day, positive as well as negative, and look for trends. This can help you avoid stressful situations, or at least deal with them better when they hit.

• Manage your time. Pressure is a common source of stress, and it usually results from a lack of time to do everything you want or need to do. Track how much time you spend on your daily tasks, and look for ways to delegate or eliminate anything that doesn’t really add value. Set realistic goals for yourself so you’re not trying to do everything. Learn how to say no.

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