Thursday, April 5, 2012

Never Forget That Your Customers Have a Choice!

People don’t like to be taken for granted, irrespective of whether they are giving freely of their time and resources or whether they are paying for them.  Make a customer feel taken for granted and just expect his or her business to keep coming your way, and you will lose him or her forever.

Customers have always had choice, but in today’s global markets they have more choice than ever before and a greater willingness to use it.  With so many alternative products, services and suppliers to choose from, and access to what are sometimes significantly cheaper prices, no buyer in his right mind is going to stick with a company that doesn’t offer excellent value for money and first-class service, no matter how long they might have dealt with a particular supplier in the past.

Often what happens when companies have been doing business for years is that the supplier begins to rest on his laurels, believing that for the customer to change suppliers would simply be too much hassle and inconvenience.  A new supplier who is keen to steal away his business, however, will go out of his way to ensure that that transition is as smooth and trouble-free as possible and that the customer suffers no inconvenience whatsoever.    

Even if your customers appear to be totally loyal to your firm, never make the mistake of taking them for granted, as there is always someone else who will quite happily come along and show them how much their patronage is valued.

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