Monday, April 30, 2012

Social Media - To Get Exposure

Nowadays, if a business is not on a social media site, or several for that matter, then they are deemed to be missing out and missing out big time. The great thing is; it is easier to connect with social media sites and they can do wonders for a business, regardless of how established the business really is!

There are many different discussions and opinions going around relating to SEO and social media as well. Many people believe that as most of the links on social media sites are noFollow, then they have no weight in terms of SEO and rankings. However, some tests have proven that sites with great social media coverage will rank better and people working at major search engines have confirmed that the social media profile will be taken into account.

Whether using social media for promotion or as an SEO tactic one thing is for sure; it should certainly be used. There are thousands of businesses that think because they have a website, people can find them. They believe that because they rank above the majority of their competitors in search engines, there is no need to attack social media. The reality is these people are wrong; there were businesses doing something similar 5 years ago, when every company had a website except for them! Getting onto social media sites is a must!

Getting into social media for people that do not really have any technical experience can be a struggle to start with, but it really is not as difficult as the majority of people think. By logging onto social media sites like Twitter, Face Book and My Space, business owners cannot just start to promote their businesses further, but they can also connect with their target audience and understand what it really is that they want!

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