Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Secrets of Wave Selling

Trying to get a new client on board can be hugely challenging.  Often the first approach leaves the potential buyer with far more information than he can easily take in, and of course he has absolutely no reason to trust the seller.  This is why it typically takes five or more interactions before a potential buyer will commit to a purchase.

Demonstrating credibility is essential if a potential client is going to be persuaded to part with his or her cash, and wave selling lets your business build credibility by creating a ripple of interest and then building on it.  The theory is simple and works like this:

·         You have to communicate with prospects in order to convince them of your credibility.
·         The more you communicate with them and show them the benefits that your company has to offer, the more credible the company becomes.
·         The more credible your company becomes, the more your potential clients will listen.
·         The more your communication matches the perception that your potential clients have of your company, the more they will be inclined to listen.
·         The more credible you begin to appear, the more potential clients will trust your company as being the expert in its field.
·         The more clients trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you and to recommend your company to others.

Persistence and a steady approach, which builds like a wave over time, are the keys to gaining customer trust and confidence, not a one-shot approach to selling.

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