Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Enthusiasm … No Sale!

One of the essential requisites of a successful salesperson is enthusiasm.  After all, if the person doing the selling doesn’t feel inspired and excited about the product or service, how is the customer supposed to feel enthused?

Of course, not everyone is naturally enthusiastic at heart, but for those who are, their passion and interest show in every fiber of their being.  When they talk, their eyes light up and their tone of voice can barely contain their excitement, and all of this is incredibly infectious.  While the bored salesperson drones on in a monotone voice that makes the potential buyer want to show him or her the door, the enthusiastic salesperson just keeps on selling.

The salesperson who works in an ever-changing and dynamic field is at a natural advantage because there are always new offerings to help them maintain their sense of keenness.  In more traditional or static industries, it is essential for companies to help keep that fire burning.  Regular sales meetings, which are aimed less at discussing targets and whether they have been met and more on inspiring and exciting those on the front line, are essential if a sales force is not to grow stale.

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